Doctor Of Business Administration (DBA) in Malaysia

همه چی درباره Doctor Of Business Administration (DBA) in Malaysia

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The Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) is more than just a course. DBA is a course for those individuals who want to go beyond the curriculum and research on a much deeper level issues that concern their professional life, business or global.


What is a DBA?

A Doctorate of Business Administration is a widely recognized professional doctorate degree in Business and Management. It is typically considered the highest level of qualification available in these fields.

DBA is all about personal growth and leadership. DBA is a combination of regular coursework and independent research. Equivalent to a PhD, the DBA is carefully designed for those aspirants who want to develop their professional or leadership capabilities. Furthermore, the course enhances your doctoral level thinking and decision making skills. Through their research, candidates attempt to highlight some existing issues and contribute to new ideas in the field of business management.


Why do you need DBA?

The benefits of doing a DBA from a reputed University are manifolds.

  1. The volatile business sector is constantly in need of new growth, new advances and new laws. A degree in DBA allows you to fine-tune your academic credentials and puts you in a better position to understand and be a part of these developments at a much deeper level.
  2. Employers prefer someone who has put in extra time and effort to obtain a doctorate degree than someone with a Master of Business degree.
  3. Given a deeper understanding of business and your relevant domain, you will be in a better position to contribute significantly in your area of expertise.
  4. When you hold a prestigious degree like the DBA, you come across as someone with exceptional skills in research and problem solving.
  5. A DBA increases the possibility of expanding your salary exponentially. 
  6. As a DBA, you will learn the most advanced skills and techniques that is required to manage a business.


Who should do a DBA?

  1. Students who want to go straight for a doctoral study after their graduation or Masters.
  2. Existing managers who want to acquire some additional insight and expertise in their roles in order to move to a senior role.
  3. Experienced professionals who want to set up new businesses or business models and wish to refine their practical experience and insights.
  4. Individuals who want to acquire a deeper understanding of a particular aspect of business.
  5. MBA who want to go to the next level in their professional qualification.


PhD vs. DBA



DBA is for Business and Management subjects

PhD can be offered in any subject where academic research can be carried out.

Involves courseware and independent research.

Primarily consists of independent research

Aspirants are usually senior professionals

Aspirants are generally young graduates.

Motivation behind doing a DBA is usually to address or gather insights on a professional challenge

PhD is the path to a career as an academic.


DBA Course Structure and other details


Course Structure

Entry Requirements

Tuition Fee


HELP University

Phase 1: 10 Units

Case and Research Methodology A

Case and Research Methodology B

Emerging Issues in Organizational Behaviour and Human Resources Management

Emerging Issues in Economics

Issues in Optimizing Operations Management

Emerging Issues in Marketing Management and Research

Managing Risks and Issues in International Environment

Emerging Issues in Financial Decision Making

Strategic Opportunities and Decision Making

Emerging Issues in Corporate Governance and Accountability.

Phase 2: Dissertation

Minimum Word Count is 40,000

Course Duration: 3.5 years

1. Master degree in business or management or related or professional disciplines from a recognized University with adequate relevant experience in business and industry.

2. Required English proficiency


RM 50,000

April and October

SEGI University

Year 1:

Management Theory & Policies

Organizational Behavior

Strategic HRM & Leadership

Advance Practices in Strategic Marketing Management

International Business and Globalization

Advance Financial Management

Year 2:

Public Sector Management: Policy & Social Relations

Incentives and Monitoring in Accounting

Strategic Change and Quality Management

Contemporary Issues in Financial Reporting &

Corporate Disclosures Research Methodology 1

Research Methodology II Research Proposal

Year 3:

DBA Thesis

1. MBA or equivalent from an approved university

2. 5 years’ full time management or professional equivalent work experience which is acceptable by the Graduate School of Business (GSB); and

3. Submit a proposed research topic in an area acceptable to GSB

4. Sound command over English

5. IELTS overall score of minimum 6.5 & written test of minimum 6.5

6. detailed CV outlining  managerial/executive or teaching/ research experience.

RM 64,862

February / April / June / August / October / December


Year 1 (Tri Semester)

Understanding and Appreciating Research

Research Methodology

Entrepreneurship, Creativity & Innovation

Year 2 (Tri Semester)

Leadership and Organizational Change

Global Management and Business Issues

Global Corporate Strategy

Organizational Behavior

Year 3 (Tri Semester)

Postgraduate Colloquium

DBA Thesis

Course Duration: Minimum 3 years

1. IELTS Band 6.0 or;

competency of B2 on the CEFR or;

TOEFL: a minimum score of 550 (paper-based) or a minimum score of 79 minimum of 17 in each four components (internet-based) or;

degrees with proof of English Language as the medium of instruction.

RM 63,000

January, May and September

MMU (Cyberjaya)

Advanced Accounting

Case Methodology

Advanced Quantitative Techniques

Advanced Marketing

Management Consultancy

Advanced Strategy

Advanced Management

Industrial Relations (IR) For Senior Managers

Managing IT and Multimedia

Advanced Human Resource Management

Entrepreneurial Leadership

Advanced Economics

Advanced Corporate Finance

Research Methodology

1. Master Degree from a recognized University with CGPA 3.3 and above

2. Proof of at least two years of relevant working or industrial experiences after post graduation, or

any other academic qualification equivalent to (1) or as approved by the Senate.

4. TOEFL Paper-Based 580 (Computer Based 237; Internet Based 92); or

IELTS overall band score of 6.5; or

A credit in 1119 English Examination; or

* Min. score of 580 in the MMU English Language Proficiency Test; or

MUET overall band score of 4; or

Other qualification which is of equivalent level as decided by the Senate of the University.

RM 61,500

March, June and October

City University

Core Subjects

  • Corporate Governance and Social


  • Advanced Business Research Method
  • Seminar in Innovation and
  • Advanced Business Research Method
  • Seminar on Advanced Marketing
  • Organizational Change and Process
  • Seminar on Strategic Human

Resources Management

  • Seminar in Advance Financial
  • Seminar in International Accounting
  • Seminar on Global Business Strategy

and Policy


  • Idea Paper
  • Preliminary Literature Review
  • Research Proposal
  • Proposal Defense
  • Data Collection
  • Data Analysis
  • Draft, Defense and Amended Final
  • Dissertation

1. An MBA from a recognized university/any other Master qualification approved by the Ministry of Higher Education, Malaysia.

2. Minimum of 2 years of work experience at a supervisory/executive or managerial level.

3. Good command over English language – both written and spoken.


RM 50,000

January, May and October


DBA Course Assessment System

  • By Research
  • Coursework
  • Assignments
  • Online Interaction
  • Class Presentation